Welcome to the blog of The Upper East Side Medium, Jill Roberts!

Every medium varies just like every snowflake. We all have our own special gifts and we all have certain abilities that are stronger than others. My abilities are more of the Evidential Mediumship nature, which means my strengths are connecting with the other side and loved ones who have passed. In case you are unaware, there’s a big difference between being “psychic” and being a “medium”. The term psychic is an umbrella term for people who have developed their extra sensory perceptions. Being psychic is more of a prophetic ability than connecting with loved ones in spirit. I do get psychic impressions and even messages from your loved ones in a prophetic nature, however, I am not psychic myself. I believe in free will and destiny so the prophetically type of readings I tend to only use as a guide. You should never base major life decisions on what a psychic foretells. This is very important because you can miss opportunities and give up your free will and destiny. Of course you can take it into consideration, but do not make life changing decisions based on what a psychic (umbrella term used in this instance), or even prophetic messages from passed loved ones.

I’m just so excited to be able to talk about it on this blog and to share my experiences with you. I’m also available to answer any questions, I will post articles about mediumship and other divination tools, and of course one on one readings to connect you with love ones who have passed. I can give some insight into your future, and to pass along any messages from spirit, whether that is from your spirit guides your guardian angels or your passed loved ones. This is going to be an exciting journey and I am just so blessed to be able to share it with you! You can always contact me at


My professional website is MediumJillRoberts.Wordpress.com

You can head over there or email me at the address above, to see what services you may be interested in, book appointments and mostly learn how to make life the incredible experience it should be. We all deserve to lead an extraordinary life!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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